RITRATTO by Nancy Fina | Fotografa ritratti a Milano

Why a Portrait with Nancy?

Passing a few hours with Nancy in the studio is a fantastic experience. Her bubbly personality will put you immediately at ease.

Nancy has many years of experience and a great attention to detail. She knows how to bring out your beauty and put your very best characteristic forward while reducing your tiny imperfections.

Thanks to her amazing lighting skill and her ability to capture the moment she can create a spontaneous but studied portrait all in one.

Nancy works with the camera tethered to the computer so you can see your images in real time and work together to make a pleasing image.  You can decide together which outfit looks the best, how the make looks and which position is the best. 

You work together to attain an image of which you can be proud, a portrait to keep forever and to leave as a family heirloom where you have all become works of art.

Nancy captures an emotion and exalts your beauty to create a timeless image.

In Nancy's family their existed the tradition of doing a family portrait every  5 years. In her parents bedroom there is an entire wall dedicated to the passing of their youth.  Portraits as kids with missing teeth, portraits with braces, portraits with gorgeous straight teeth without braces, portraits of all the kids as adults, portraits with wives and children.  An entire wall that documents the life and  precious stories of a  family's lifetime.

Everyone deserves a beautiful photo, a document of their personal history.

What makes a good photographer ? An artistic eye coupled with the technical aspects and good lighting are fundamental, 

Combining Nancy's excellent artistic taste with her technical abilities and with her amazing team composed of a professional retoucher and high quality print laboratory , she can supply a timeless, tasteful image.

The attention to detail and her feminine  artistic sensibility allow Nancy to create a special fine art image of you difficult to replicate.

In the  digital era of disposable photography where thousands of photos are shot per day, creating a beautiful portrait by a professional photographer as a hallmark to keep with value, beauty and harmony is a wonderful present for you and your  loved ones.

Everyones needs to feel part of a beautiful moment that can never be reproduced and is your timeless document of history.

Nancy's studio eagerly awaits you !


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